Cadwyn Mon Report 2011-2017 ENG - page 16

While the current service comes to an end March
2017, befriending will certainly continue on the
island. The Cadwyn Môn club has formalised and
is now an independent body that will continue to
provide befriending through its monthly meetings to
those that need it. During the 5 months extension to
the project (since October 2016), Cadwyn Mon has
invested in community development by supporting
existing organisations, centres and groups to combat
loneliness and isolation in their communities. This
was achieved by providing additional resources to
finance digital inclusion sessions, workshops and
activities, the benefits of which will last much longer
than the current period.
During the past 5 years, thanks to the army of loyal
volunteers and staff, Cadwyn Môn has nurtured
a caring and supportive culture and community
environment, its legacy will be far reaching for many
years to come.
Cadwyn Môn Club website:
The future
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