Cadwyn Mon Report 2011-2017 ENG - page 2

“My confidence has
improved a lot and feel my
life is back on track
Yes I feel a lot
happier now
, and
my health has improved a lot. I can
go on public transport on my own
again and being independent so
for the time being my outlook
life is good
“I definitely think
mental health
has improved
, definitely
confidence. I have joined lots of
groups and have a much
. I hardly have a ‘down’
moment now. The one thing I have
to do now is instead of forcing
myself to go out or stay in my
room is to force myself to stay
at home once in a while.”
“It’s thanks to the
Cadwyn Môn scheme
that’s enabled me to
come to terms with my
situation and for
teaming me up with the right
volunteer who has
helped me
through the lowest part of
my life. Thank you.”
“I can now use a
and I have
been able to join a group.
With my condition it is very
likely that in the not too distant
future, I will not be able to go out
of the house so it is imperative
that I am able to
order food
and keep in contact
“I have
changed in the
last ten weeks, I am
much happier
found some places to go
like joining the local WI
and the local lunch club
that I didn’t know
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