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At the end of the five year Cadwyn Môn project funding, it’s
an ideal opportunity to look back on the befriending service’s
success. The team has experienced many changes during this
period, some exciting, many beneficial and unfortunately,
at times, sad, but throughout this period the service has
succeeded beyond all expectations.
In addition to providing a service to almost 700
individuals, 89 volunteers have been recruited to
provide support, not only through Cadwyn Môn,
but also in their own communities. Community
expectations have also changed in recent
years, with the need for services for people
living with early dementia increasing week by
week. Providing a service for people with early
dementia was not part of the original project,
however by now the need has increased to a
level that cannot be met elsewhere. During the
befriending period (10 to 15 weeks) people have
the opportunity to increase their confidence, enjoy
the company of others and receive information
regarding other services and organisations that can
be of help to them.
The kind of support provided by volunteers varies
tremendously; company for the afternoon, help to access
transport, participating in activities, attending a club and much more, indeed
anything the individual wishes, within reason. The Cadwyn Môn Friendship Club’
meets monthly and has provided a lifeline for many by giving them the means to
keep in touch with the teamwhile having fun at the same time. It also gives the
team the opportunity to identify any issues that may arise.
As part of the overall project there are other exciting activities taking place such
as the Older People’s Bilingual Eisteddfod that is now in its ninth year and also
the participation project that took place Spring 2016. The project ‘Ryffians’ was
funded by the Wales National Theatre and led by Theatr Fran Wen as a pilot
where two generations came together to produce a piece of art. The work was
exhibited at Oriel Môn over an extended period. The aim of the pilot was to see
how different age groups communicate and work together and was as much
about the process as it was about the finished work. It was deemed a huge
success by all those that participated.
Training has been a vital part of the project with various opportunities during the
period, for instance, ‘Dementia Friends’ sessions and following on from these
‘Dementia Champion’ training to encourage communities to become dementia
Looking forward to the future, thanks to the faithful and committed volunteers,
the ‘Clwb Cadwyn Môn Club’ has been formalised with a constitution adopted in
January. Even though the official project comes to an end March 2017, we are
very pleased that befriending will continue into the future through the club.
The service
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