Sometimes a brand comes knocking that you can't wait to work with. Dylan's is one of them.

Dylan's already had a website and it had served them well. But it was designed, built and maintained by their own team and the demands of the site had started to outstrip the time they had available and their technical ability. It was time to call in the pros, and we were more than happy to help. 

Dylan's has a very strong brand identity so it was imperative that we worked closely with them to get everything just right. As you'd expect from a business with such high standards, we worked together to make sure everything was perfect from colour representation to the spacing between letters.

The website had to do many things as Dylan's is not your ordinary restaurant chain. Not only did we need to make it very easy for their customers to book, but we also had to make sure that Dylan's community contributions also came through loud and clear.

76% of Dylan's traffic comes via mobile device, so it was essentially that the website was as beautiful and effective on a phone as it was on a desktop. The new site is responsive and automatically adjusts its layout and design to make best use of the screen real estate available.

We also had to integrate LiveRes booking into the site. Although this essentially means bolting a third-party solution into the site, we were able to do this seamlessly so the customer experience is uninterrupted.

We feel privileged to have worked with Dylan's on this and look forward to working with David, Liam, and the rest of the team again in the near future.

You can view the Dylan's website here:

Dylan's Website